I lied…I might just like Vetements…

I know I’m great at trash-talking, I have many examples of this talent of mine, and I’ve trash-talked Vetements quite a lot. Whilst I still stand by a lot of the comments I’ve made both in person and on So Versailles, I’ll be honest, because this is a safe space, and admit that maybe I might just like Vetements.

Vetements x Manolo Blahnik

Vetements has poisoned me

Listen, I might just be brainwashed by seeing a Vetements hoodie here and the juicy collab tracksuit there, but the other day I very seriously considered paying £60 for a pair of very simple black crew socks that say Vetements on them. By “very seriously considered”, I really mean had they not been sold out I would have happily entered that three digit security code on the back of my card and clicked “confirm order”. This is an issue, no one should spend £60 on a singular pair of very average-looking socks. How have I been poisoned by the Vetements drug?

It might have started with the hoodies to be honest, as an active participant in the hoodie game I liked what they were bringing out (minus the shoulder pads, they weren’t ok). But I think the collaborations ignited this sad flame I have burning reluctantly inside me. I can’t sit here and say the Juicy collaboration isn’t brilliant and had I had a grand to spare to spend on an outfit id wear once, I’d have dropped it on those Juicy pieces. Need I remind you of the Manolo Blahnik collab which had the waist-high boots and the satin court shoes with delicate ties and the Manolo signature on the side, speaking to my soul.

Vetements x Juicy Vetements x Champion Vetements x Manolo Blahnik Vetements x Juicy

This is what Vetements is good at though, this mental confusion that in some ways you might hate it, but you love it just that bit more. You see the genius in it and you applaud it by dropping £500 on a hoodie. All this fashion water I’ve been drinking has been laced with this Vetements drug and I think I might, emphasis on the might, start liking it.

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