How to wear a bralette…when you have no clue what they do.

I often find myself in Victoria’s Secret, wandering around, staring longingly at the VS model bodies plastered on the walls and parting with more money then I intended to. Around this time of year, I find myself in front of the bralette section, mystified…they’re so pretty and elaborate and some have some lace-chest situations or even some criss cross action…but like…what do I do with them? They’re too fancy to be wasted under a t-shirt and I have too many insecurities to wear them in all their glory by themselves so…I found myself in a bit of a predicament. Well ladies, this is not a false alarm – I’ve cracked it, I’ve figured out how to wear a bralette.

how to wear a bralette

How to wear a bralette

So, your girl was going out and I had this VS bralette collecting dust and staring at me discerningly every time went in my underwear drawer looking pretty and doing little else so I figured it was about time I let her out to play. I wanted to make the bralette the focal point of the look, but I threw a shirt over it and left it unbuttoned down to the waist of my skirt – putting the bralette on show but keeping things chic otherwise. I think I struck a sexy/chic look with this combo and tbh, I’m quite proud.

how to wear a bralette how to wear a bralette how to wear a bralette how to wear a bralette

Shirt: Uniqlo
Bralette: Victoria’s Secret, obsessed with this one
Skirt: Kenzo, similar here and here
Anklets: Deluxe Chokers
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Lashes: So Versailles Lashes in Power

how to wear a bralettehow to wear a bralette how to wear a bralette

I didn’t want to over do the look too much so went with my lace up Stuart Weitzman sandals and I tangled up some crystal anklets in there 😏.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…
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