How to wear a crop top when you’re insecure.

Summer is coming, and with that comes the heat (hopefully) and the inevitable desire to lay spread-eagle in an air-conditioned room or show much skin in order to keep cool. Insecurity, is something my online So Versailles self may seem quite alien to, but alas we all have ridiculous criticisms of ourselves, usually for things no one else notices. I love a good crop top, when they don’t look trashy (though sometimes trashy is good, am I right?) they can look very chic, but I’m not really about that show-my-belly kind life…except under bikini circumstances (*cough* my insta rn *cough*), but as a look, it’s not really happening for me, I don’t have those washboard abs (I also don’t have the dedication to get them and I’m not mad about it). BUT, your girl pulled through and mastered exactly how to wear a crop top when you’re insecure…pair it with a high waisted skirt.

How to wear a crop top

How to wear a crop top.

How to wear a crop top How to wear a crop top

Sunglasses: Chanel

Crop Top: Laina Rauma

Skirt: Kenzo, similar here and here 

Bag: Dior Diorama Pouch

Shoes: Joshua Sanders, similar here and here (I did a whole post on this guy)

How to wear a crop top How to wear a crop top

I saw Kim K in this Laina Rauma tee set, and as resident Kim K of this family, I bought it – it’s the softest, lightest little crop and I love it and btw the pants that go with it are arguably my fave underwear rn. I paired this look with some slip-on sneakers because I think we all know I live for the casual life, and the colour-matching works too, considering the colour pop of the skirt. The high-waisted aspect of the skirt, cuts the prospective crop top-showing surface area of skin in half, at least – this works for shorts and jeans/trousers too. It’s a winning tactic, I know.

How to wear a crop top  How to wear a crop top

Also, ask Nicki Minaj, visor shades are a thing rn so I hopped right on that with these futuristic-looking shields from Chanel’s motherboard/tech-inspired collection. Chic, I know.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…
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