How to do double denim…triple denim

Why are people weird about double denim? Let’s be honest, is is because of a Britney/Justin moment? Because as chic as it was at the time, there was some suspicious headgear involved that I’m not ready to repeat. Anyway, with fashion there are loads of weird rules people follow that aren’t necessary and no one knows how they got there anyway, like “you can’t wear black and brown together”…I beg to differ. I mean, I’m sure I’ve mentioned a lot of rules on So Versailles but why are you listening to me anyway, I have no credentials 😏? Back to the denim stuff, I single-handedly (machete in hand) cut off those rules and ended up in triple denim. Yes, triple, not double, I’m a crazy muhf-cker aren’t I?

triple denim

Double Denim – Issa look

Ok so you start off with a base which is your trusty jeans – the ones that are not only super comfy but make your arse look majestic (and have a waistband high enough to tuck your food baby into – tactics). We all that have that one pair. Start with that.

triple denim triple denim

Jacket: Young Thug merchandise

Bodysuit: DKNY

Necklace: Chanel

Jeans: Good Legs Blue004 Good American

Shoes: I am Jennifer Le denim razors

I then went with a bodysuit to balance out the silhouette – I know my jacket’s oversized so I wanted to bodycon the top. I’m kind of obsessed with bodysuits (when they aren’t jangling up all your goods down there – they need rearranging once in a while).

triple denim triple denim triple denim

Then we have the jacket. Personally, I believe exclusively in oversized denim jackets – I see some of you picking up your normal size when the cut isn’t oversized and I’m sorry but it’s not working out (there’s those fashion rules again – hypocrite). This is the only denim jacket I own and I’m obsessed with it – it’s such a great spring/summer piece to just throw on.

triple denim triple denim triple denim
Then the shoes – lets be honest, this is the triple threat item. Denim shoes are becoming more and more of a thing these days but I’m sorry, I stand by these being the best I’ve seen. I’ve gone on about them before but they’re pretty magical.

triple denim
Throw all those rules to the wind and rock the look, triple denim, double denim, whatever your heart desires…or the weather permits.

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…
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