I’m a really bad blogger

I have a confession: I’m kind of crap at all this blogging stuff, truth be told. Yeah I can write a half-entertaining post but like all the fancy extra blog stuff that actual, real bloggers do I’m really bad at. Maybe I’ll justify it all by saying this is my hobby and I have a 9-5 otherwise, or maybe I’ll just admit that hey, I’m lazy or I don’t get it or that’s not how I work… basically, this is going to be an opposite of a “how to be a successful blogger” post. K, cool.

Also I’m not throwing shade on bloggers in this post, I admire a lot of the bloggers I know who smash the game, I’m just telling you why I’m like kind of terrible at it…

Why I’m a terrible blogger…

1. Photography

Ok I’m working on this – but it’s kinda hard right? I live alone (don’t cry for me, I’m very into it) and like to live my hermit life, so I’m kind of limited in your photography game. Yeah I could properly tripod it and I’ve done that a couple of times but that’s an effort. On top of that, I also hate (very weirdly) attention in public – I don’t want to be parading and posing in the middle of some street with normal people walking by like WTF. I’m not at that comfort level yet. Also it’s weird and inefficient but if I’m shooting an OOTD, I want it to be genuinely what I wore that one time so I won’t shoot 5 looks in a day etc. This may have to change, I dunno, I’ll decide.

2. Going to events

Going back to the aforementioned hermit lifestyle I like to lead…sometimes yes, I won’t go to events because I just want to chill and come back home after work and do nothing. I admit, sometimes I can be painfully awkward when attending events alone and try to gravitate toward someone who also looks to have attended by themselves. Basically, I need to suck it up and go to events, and smile and stuff.

3. Consistency

Well, back in January I came on here and was all like “I’m going to do X posts a week and be a good blogger and all that”. Well, in all honesty, life gets in the way sometimes and sometimes I just don’t have anything to say! And I’d rather not post, than to post some boring crap that you know isn’t genuine or bitchy (like it usually is), or worse, un-funny…ew.

4. Be rated-U (or PG…max)

Listen, there are so many super good bloggers who have huge followings and appeal to loads of people, I tend to limit myself because of…myself. I’m not exactly rated U or even PG, I’m more of a 15 kinda gal…rated 18/R if you know me irl. But I say the word ‘bitch’ a lot, a have an affinity for gangsta rap which provides me with my IG captions and I tend to lip sync uncomfortable lyrics on my IG stories once in a while. That’s just me. Some people don’t like that, some brands don’t like that, it’s fine, it’s cool, I get it. But you get what I mean right? It’s my little niche – of all my bad bitches who are interested in fashion, or at least me, and have at least a basic knowledge of rap/hip hop to get my references, they the real ones.

5. I refuse to not be me.

I could probably play the game if I really wanted to – wear only high street clothes so that people might actually buy them through my affiliate links, or relate to me a bit better. I could post more blogger-y pics with clean, white backgrounds, but I’m not a clean, white background kind of girl. I could post flat lays, but I suck at them, and it’s not the kind of thing I would post anyways. So why try to? Because as much as I might be able to fake it ’till I make it, I can’t keep that persona up and I’m about #nofrauds , so….

So that’s me, I’ve said it so you don’t have to…exactly why I’m a bad blogger. It’s tough out here you know, it takes a lot of effort and props to the girls and guys who do it full time, it can be fun and all that but it can also be super stressful, it’s a legit hustle, and I respect that. Ladies is pimps too, and all that…

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…SoVersaillesLashes.com
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