What’s a Finsta?

Rinsta (abrr.) (noun.) rin-stah
Short for “real Instagram”, and refers to a main Instagram account, which is not private. This would be the account you actively think about, the one you care about what sort of theme it has and you try to time your posts to get the most likes etc.

Finsta (abrr.) (noun.) fin-stah
Short for “fake Instagram” which is usually private. This is the account you don’t think about posting on, you post what you want, when you want and you control those who see it.

Ok, I only found out not that long ago what a finsta account was, thanks to this Galore mag video (v. educational), and immediately set one up.
“Ok hoe, but why?”


Rinsta material – looking longingly into the distance…

WTF is a Finsta?

Good question. Well, my main insta account (@cassie2102) is almost like a business. I think about what I post and the quality of the image, I think about the vision for the page and what my theme is, I schedule my posts and plan what’s dropping when, I get a bit obsessive over how well my images are received and IG screwing me with the algorithm. I worry about haemorrhaging followers blah, blah, blah, generic “influencer”/blogger talk, you get it.


Rinsta material – that vacay slay


Finsta material – with the BFF Beauxmi

A finsta on the other hand is the complete opposite, I put outtakes of my shoots on there and personal stuff I wouldn’t post on my main account. I can post a pic I took then and there, no edits, or a pic I find funny, or a look I love or even cute cartoon drawings of animals (there’s a few of those). Hell, I can even post nudity on there ’cause it’s private and I’d hope those people I’ve let into my little world wouldn’t report my sweet ass. I’m joking, no ass shots on there…yet. There’s something oddly freeing about it and being very strict on letting people in to see it – I have like 10 people following on my finsta (very exclusive), though it’s super new.


Rinsta material – that moody squat


Finsta material – should have been a child model, the cutest ill child ever

It doesn’t mean that what I post on my main account isn’t genuine or it’s calculated or whatever, because it isn’t, my page especially, I’m a very honest person irl so I make sure my rinsta depicts the same. A finsta just allows me to share stuff I wouldn’t otherwise share on my main account, like a little random scrapbook…make sense? There’s baby pics on there cause I was hella cute…I’m not joking, I was adorable.


Finsta material – yes, there I was in my little Swiss outfit looking super cute, stick in hand.

Do you have a finsta? Would you have one?

Oh, and I have a mink lash line…SoVersaillesLashes.com
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