How to wear sweatpants…outside the house.

Sweatpants get a bad rep. We have truly neglected our sweatpants – only to be worn inside for days when we don’t do anything but binge on Orange Is The New Black. They’ve been kept prisoner, confined to our homes, only to see the light of day when we wear them to take the bins out. Wow, we should be ashamed of ourselves the way we’ve treated this item of clothing that has done nothing but provide comfort and room – the only trouser that accepts us when we put on a bit of weight . It’s time we pay a little more attention to the old sweatpant, dust her off, wash her (for once), show her off outside of the house, wear her proudly and revel in her comfort. Well, here I am to lend my advice on how to wear sweatpants…outside of the house and give them the respect they truly deserve.

“These sweatpants are all that fits me right now.”

-Regina George

How to wear sweatpants

How to wear sweatpants…like a bo$$

1. Create a smooth upper body

Ok so what can easily happen when wearing sweats is that it looks unflattering. This is usually because sweats are loose right? Or even if they’re tighter they’re made out of thick material. So if you pair them with a loose top, everything just looks…well…loose. I like wearing bodysuits to get that smooth upper body to balance out the sweats hangin loose.

How to wear sweatpants How to wear sweatpants

2. Get the right sweats

Sweats were not made equal. There’s the boyfriend sweats – straight cut and casual – but my favourite kind of sweats are the ones with elasticated…ends? You know what I mean. The elasticated bits around your ankle. I feel like the shape is better and these are more versatile – you could wear these shopping or to the club (I would sweat profusely, but it can be done) or to a cute dinner.

How to wear sweatpantsHow to wear sweatpants

3. Pay attention to your shoe choice

The shoes determine how well this sweats look of yours is about to go down. Black high tops with black sweats and a black bodysuit is cute (albeit a little backup dancer-ish) but all white low tops with black sweats and a light grey bodysuit is better. You can even do a slip on Gucci backless loafer with them – the possibilities are endless, but choose wisely. Then when you’re ready to graduate to sweats and heels, (once your confidence for wearing sweats outside your house has built up) the shoe choice is actually super easy – either simple heeled sandals or a pointed toe. Platformed heels look too much and like a stripper on a dance break, believe me, I write from experience.

How to wear sweatpants How to wear sweatpants

If you follow my advice I have no doubt you’ll kill it and rule these fashion streets like the bad bitch you are. Also, you’ll be such a convert to the sweats outside life – gamechanger.


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