‘So Versailles’  (soh vurs-eye)


  1. elaborate or ornate, often excessively:  “Her Versace top was so versailles”
  2. opulent to the extent of being showy: “That night was so versailles – bottles everywhere.”

Hip Hop & High Fashion


Cassandra (Ca$$ie) Thorpe a.k.a the author of this blog:

A caramel mix of English, Russian and Ghanaian, currently living in London. Unfortunately (for my wallet), addicted to luxury and making a statement.

This Blog:

In short: fun, bitchy and a lil’ bit gangster

So Versailles is a UK fashion blog featuring a menagerie of fashion inspiration, show reviews, my opinions on all things fashion and the things that I wear, littered with fashion-related ramblings and hip hop references. So Versailles is for the girl who has a Chanel jacket and Dior sunglasses on her wish list along with Giuseppe high-tops and concert tickets to see Lil’ Wayne. I want to inspire you to be a caricature of yourself through your clothes – be over-the-top, be ostentatious, be So Versailles. Hip Hop and High Fashion are a perfect couple and I aim to live with them in an odd metaphorical polygamous relationship. I am a self-confessed caricature of myself, so join me in my world and  lets be So Versailles together…

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Let’s Talk: cassie@imsoversailles.com

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