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The So Versailles Dictionary.

‘Black Widow Heels’ (black wid-oh hils)

noun, plural

1. Fierce, intimidating high heels: “She looked amazing in those Black Widow Heels”

2. Beautiful high heels that cause copious amount of pain to the wearer: “I was wearing Black Widow Heels last night”

Fashion Illiterate (fash-uh-n ih-lit-er-it)


1. Unable to understand fashion

2. Has little knowledge about fashion: “He was so fashion illiterate, he couldn’t pronounce Louboutin”

Outfit Elevator (out-fit el-uh-vey-ter)


1. An item of clothing or accessory which improves an outfit significantly: “This look needs an outfit elevator”

Rihanna Mentality (ree-ana men-tal-i-tee)


1. A carefree/f*** it mind set: “I need the Rihanna Mentality to carry off this outfit”


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